Crack Repair

Surface Prep:

Blast and clean area.

System #1

Wall-Nu Brushable

1. Fill crack level with the surface.
2. Brush a coat of the Wall-Nu Brushable on the surface 4" to each side of the crack.
3. Lay in the 6" wide fiberglass cloth.
4. Roll the fiberglass cloth into the wet Wall-Nu Brushable.
5. Brush a topcoat of the Wall-Nu Brushable onto the cloth and feather the edges.

System #2

This system is used when the entire floor is to be coated with Epo-Line 161.

1. Fill the crack with Wall-Nu Trowelable.
2. Allow the Wall-Nu Trowelable to cure for 4-8 hours.
3. Using a 9" roller, roll a coat of the Epo-Line 161 over the crack - keep the crack in the center.
4. Lay the 6" wide fiberglass cloth into the wet Epo-Line 161.
5. Roll all air from under the cloth.
6. Allow to set for 4-6 hours before topcoating with the first full coat of Epo-Line 161 to coat the floor. (Apply Non-Skid Aluminum Oxide now).
7. Allow to cure overnight.
8. Topcoat with Epo-Line 161.
9. Allow to cure 7-10 days before use.
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